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I wish those fucking hippies hadn’t stolen this CD from my van in ’03

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Dismas’ Selection Nigala, Track 8

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Austra – “Home”

I can’t stop listening to this track. Fucking incredible.

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The Orb vs. Magnetic Fields: Battle of the Basslines

Where have I heard that amazing bassline before? Admittedly, you have to make it to the 5-minute mark in this version of The Orb’s Towers of Dub, but when you do YOU’LL HAVE FOUND IT.

This is one of my favourite tracks on 69 Love Songs, too.

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CFCF – “Monolith”

I can’t believe a fan-made YouTube video of a relatively obscure – if fucking AWESOME – weirdo dance track still gets a TD Bank ad at the beginning. Fucking internet

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Freestyle Lessons From Bunji Garlin

props to @PoirierSound

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Hunting High And Low

Hunting High And Low Mix by Ftp_Soundsystem on Mixcloud

Starts off with some classic pop rock sounds before veering into more shimmering territory. A slowly revealed appreciation.

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Melting Sunday Breeze mixtape

A Melting Sunday Afternoon Breeze by Ftp_Soundsystem on Mixcloud

A Melting Sunday Afternoon Breeze by Ftp_Soundsystem on Mixcloud

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Boards of Canada, “Trapped”

From the cassette-only 1996 release, A Few Old Tunes.

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