Hunting High And Low

Hunting High And Low Mix by Ftp_Soundsystem on Mixcloud

Starts off with some classic pop rock sounds before veering into more shimmering territory. A slowly revealed appreciation.

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Melting Sunday Breeze mixtape

A Melting Sunday Afternoon Breeze by Ftp_Soundsystem on Mixcloud

A Melting Sunday Afternoon Breeze by Ftp_Soundsystem on Mixcloud

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Boards of Canada, “Trapped”

From the cassette-only 1996 release, A Few Old Tunes.

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Ulrich Schnauss brings de rewind

Noted purveyor of dreamy electronica soundscapes Ulrich Schnauss isn’t an obvious candidate for starting a drum ‘n’ bass revival, but the German producer recently dropped a 78-minute mix of classic atmospheric riddims for XLR8R magazine’s ongoing podcast series, made up of tracks from the genre’s 1990s golden era. (And in case you doubt the veracity of that description, the mix is actually called Drift to the Centre: Deep Atmospheric DnB from the Golden Age, so there you go.)


Apparently, in the days before Mr. Schnauss dedicated himself to shoegazey keyboard compositions, he made drum ‘n’ bass under the name Ethereal 77, so the man clearly knows his way around a record crate.

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All this time I thought that Toronto deep house legend Nick Holder’s smooth, space-groove track Da Sambafrique was the sign of a unique genius. Today, I discovered the source track. (From Dave Matthews, no less! Oh wait, not that Dave Matthews, but this one.) Amazing, for the album art alone:

For reference, here is Holder's pretty mesmerizing dancefloor version:

Thanks to

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Can’t stop listening to Sinead O’Connor sing Buju Banton

From Throw Down Your Arms, a surprisingly great reggae collection, which also has a slow jam version of Curly Locks.


Also, here’s that interview with Deadbeat I was telling Jay about – where he talks about how reggae vibes and Montreal dubheads saved him from becoming a methhead casualty of Toronto’s 1990s rave scene.

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John Talabot dubs Peaking Lights. Fuck.

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